Adam arrives at the estate even before the gym and pool area are completed. The fifteen
year-old sustained a head injury from a beating; he's profoundly deaf and limited by a
seizure disorder.
Devon is brought across state lines from Maryland. He faces a long recovery from pelvic
injuries, but much of the adolescent's emotional pain started long before he had his bicycle
Philip was shot in the back and now he's paraplegic. He's so traumatized by what his
parents did to him  that he's unable to talk.
New England provides the perfect setting
for the first novel in
The McFadden Series.

Dr. Lauren McFadden survived the accidental
explosion that nearly took her life. It took
months for her  injuries to heal, but now she's
back at her orthopedic practice at Saint
Michael's Rehabilitation Center.

Fortunately, Lauren's devoted husband is also
her physical therapist. She refuses to listen,
however, when  Bryan insists she's not well
and confronts her about symptoms of mental
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Treatment of Choice
Book #1 in The McFadden Series
Her moodiness and indecisiveness are threatening her work performance. Just as Bryan
fears, his wife suffers a breakdown from the pressure and overwhelming anxiety.

Lauren gets the professional treatment she needs thanks to the local parish priest.
Meanwhile, she has more to deal with at work than broken bodies, difficult parents and a
demanding surgery schedule.  She's fighting new financial policy regulations that are
depriving patients of needed services. Arguments with the center's administrator reach a
blistering climax two days before Christmas, and as a result, the doctor and her husband
both turn in their resignations.
"If you think for one moment we will give up on you,
you are very, very wrong."

Bryan McFadden
The couple doesn't just toss their careers without a backup plan.  For the past several
months,  they've  been building a resort-style mansion in the Berkshire Hills of western
Massachusetts.  Following their dream,  Dr. McFadden and Bryan are going to provide a
home and unlimited rehabilitation services to  seriously injured young patients that have no
place else to go.
The McFaddens soon discover that administering physical rehabilitation is a walk in the
park  compared to rebuilding three troubled young lives. They knew it wasn't going to be
easy, but they never anticipated the law getting involved, and that's just for starters. Can
they really turn these boys around and repair damages that go much deeper than broken
How do Lauren and Bryan make the boys understand that giving up is not an option? How
do they  convince each teen that he is wanted and worthy of being loved? When the chaos
and emotional flare-ups finally begin to settle, will the boys be able to extend  acceptance
and compassion when a gay college student becomes a patient in their home?
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Series: Yes (Book #1 in The McFadden Series)
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