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Welcome to The Missing Page, the blog associated with my website,  The entries on this blog refer to characters, places, and events in The McFadden Series. At this time, four books make up the series: Treatment of Choice, Confirmed Diagnosis, Complications, and Vital Signs. I’m currently updating and editing the last two volumes, and I hope to add more volumes in the future. The introduction posted below is from my website and tells readers what to expect. Want to contact me about a book or have a suggestion to add to the storyline? Email me:


Dear Readers,

Welcome to The McFadden Series! If you crave engaging family dramas 
and wish the story you’re reading would never end, then this novel series may interest you. A few notes before you begin…

The McFadden Series, by Mary King, is a modern saga. A saga is a long story, account, or sequence of events. The story unfolds and progresses with each successive novel (much like a TV series where the episodes are linked.) Start with book #1 and continue reading the books in proper order to avoid missing vital details.

The McFadden Series is character-driven, meaning the emphasis is on the characters, their lives, reactions, emotions, and relationships with each other. We see and relate to their accomplishments and daily struggles. Readers experience constant growth and conflicts as personalities mature and lives intertwine.

The McFadden Series features (wayward homeless, neglected, abused, gay) teens and young adult characters. Expect strong language, incorrigible behavior, compassion, and tough love. Characters with physical disabilities educate readers, enlightening them with answers to sensitive questions. Watch out for explicit medical details.

How does the story begin? Dr. Lauren McFadden and her husband Bryan get more than they bargain for when they leave their jobs to fulfill a dream. They set out to build an accessible home and provide rehabilitation therapies to abandoned teenagers who need specialized medical care. Adam, Devon, Philip, and Michael arrive within six months of the home’s completion. Med students Buddy and Noah shine as hired caregivers.
(Treatment of Choice, Book #1 in The McFadden Series.)

I created The McFadden Series from personal experience as a caregiver (conditions including, but not limited to spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, spinal muscular atrophy, profound developmental delay, dementia). I’m a former rehab hospital worker (PT, OT, speech, etc.) My perspective is unique and is based on reality. Don’t expect sugar-coated solutions or happy endings all the time; life doesn’t work that way.

Are the books inspirational? There are inspirational moments, but it’s important to know each character is trying to find his place and survive–do what he has to do–without drawing unnecessary attention to his medical circumstances. As in real life, each person wants to be accepted, respected, recognized for his abilities, and treated like everyone else.

The characters face problems and issues not always resolved in one book, so keep reading to see what happens next!

Cover Image for TYPE and CROSSMATCH, Book #5 in The McFadden Series

Thinking into the Future

Devon entered the ninth grade in the fall of 2012. He’ll graduate in the spring of 2016– sooner if he takes college courses. He’s at graduation about to receive his diploma. Standing three inches taller at around 5’10”, Devon is the class valedictorian. Adam suddenly realizes the boy he’s been teasing since they both joined the family in early 2011 isn’t a kid anymore. In a heartfelt moment, Adam will shake Devon’s hand, and feeling an overwhelming sense of pride and brotherly love, hugs him and says, “I guess I can’t call you squirt anymore.”

Grand Pas de Deux (Nutcracker Ballet) Mikhail Baryshnikov

The Pas de Deux from The Nutcracker Ballet saddens me. It makes me think of Noah and how he danced the part of the prince one Christmas in a regional performance. Still in high school, this was his first big stage performance after winning the audition against older, more experienced dancers. Seven months later in July, Noah was badly injured in the house fire that took the lives of his parents. The tragedy destroyed his plans to attend the Juilliard School of Music.

Books for Christmas and Every Season

Christmastime is Here!

In Remembrance of Me

I used to be a church organist and choir director. The song, “In Remembrance of Me”, is one of my favorites. Bryan sings this song, but the voice in this recording sounds more like Buddy! A major focus in one of the upcoming books is Buddy performing solos in Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church (a fictional place) where Father Cody presides as head priest.

The Power of Love

Two New Ads

The McFadden Home

Home design is not my strong point, but here is a two-dimensional view of the home before and after the south wing addition.

The new south wing was added one year later in 2011.

McFadden Home in 2011

Making A Joyful Noise

Father Sean Cody enters the saga from the beginning in Treatment of Choice (Book #1). His role is a vital part of the story. Bryan and Lauren provide music for Sunday Mass on occasion and some holidays. They usually bring a small group of musicians and invite the church choir to join them. Buddy is thrilled when Bryan wants him to sing in church; the young man has never sung in public. Saint Catherine’s is a moderate-size fictional church (800 parishioners) in Northampton, where Father Cody presides as head pastor. Buddy is hesitant and unsure if the priest will allow him the opportunity. The song posted above is one of my favorites and the selection Buddy sings. How does the scene turn out in the book? Not sure yet. I’m still working on it. 🙂