New Book Covers and Content Edited for Release in 2018

The McFadden Series is a saga, a collection of novels that tells the continuing story of orthopedic specialist Dr. Lauren McFadden and her physical therapist husband Bryan McFadden. Together, they build a unique resort-style home to house teenagers and young adults who have special medical needs. The couple discovers that it’ll take much more than […]

Celestial Music for the Soul

Lauren McFadden is an accomplished cellist in The McFadden Series. She plays for The Starlight Orchestra, a fictional group of musicians. They play at private and public events and perform at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA.


Welcome to The Missing Page, the blog associated with my website,  Many entries on this blog refer to The McFadden Series, but I post a variety of other things, too. The McFadden Series includes four books: Treatment of Choice, Confirmed Diagnosis, Complications, and Vital Signs. Book #5, Type and Crossmatch, is under construction. […]