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Welcome to The Missing Page, the blog associated with my website,  The entries on this blog refer to characters, places, and events in The McFadden Series. The story includes four books: Treatment of Choice, Confirmed Diagnosis, Complications, and Vital Signs.

Book #5, Type and Crossmatch, is under construction.

The McFadden Series, by Mary King, is a modern saga. A saga is a long story, account, or sequence of events that unfolds and progresses with each successive novel.  The story is character-driven, meaning the emphasis is on the characters, their lives, reactions, emotions, hardships, successes, and relationships.

The McFadden Series features teenagers and young adults (homeless, orphaned, neglected, abused, gay) facing medical trauma and real-life situations. Expect strong language, incorrigible behavior, compassion, humor, sarcasm, and tough love. The storyline contains explicit (and graphic) medical details.

How does the story begin? Orthopedic specialist Dr. Lauren McFadden and her husband, Bryan, get more than they bargain for when they leave their jobs to build an accessible resort home and provide rehabilitation to homeless teenagers and young adults who have sustained trauma injuries.

I created The McFadden Series from personal experience as a caregiver, disability advocate, and former rehabilitation employee and volunteer. My book characters arrive at the McFadden estate with hearing problems, spinal cord injury, amputation, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, and more. Don’t expect miracle cures or sugar-coated solutions to problems; life doesn’t work that way. I did not create inspirational scenes on purpose in the books. My intention is to educate readers on disabling medical conditions, enlighten the public to adapted lifestyles, and encourage changes where needed to promote accessibility and inclusion.

Mary L. King

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